About: Our Founder

Not always into Computers, our Founder Jeff Cummings first wanted to be an Architect thanks to his favorite toy growing up - LEGO. He even went to College and became an Architectural Technologist. During his time in College, he realized that he wanted to work with Computers for a living. Time seemed to just fly by in one particular class which he spent the whole time on a Computer. Keep in mind this was back before the Internet was in every home.

A few years went by while Jeff worked various jobs in sales and inventory control before he heard about ITI (Information Technology Institute) where a friend of his was attending. It sounded so good, he went ahead and applied to ITI and was accepted. After securing a Student Loan and writing a $21,000 check - OUCH!, his Career in the Computer Industry was on its way - all before he had even spent one second on the Internet.

After Graduating with Distinction from ITI, Jeff got his first Job as a Developer and has never looked back. He changed the direction of his existing Company, Sound Decisions, from a Home Theater Consulting Company to a Web Development Company and has been developing interactive, data-driven web applications and creating custom designed websites every since.

Never really wanting to be a Business Man, Jeff brought on other like minded Developers who wanted to work on projects from time to time on the side while they worked full time somewhere else. This is how he continues to run Sound Decisions - as a collection of Developers who want do some extra work when they feel like it and when a project comes up that they are really interested in.