About: Our History

Sound Decisions was originally formed in 1998 as Home Theater Consulting Company.

When people who were not very knowledgeable in Home Electronics wanted a Home Theater System, they contacted Sound Decisions to help them out. Jeff would sit down with them and find out what they were looking for and what kind of budget they had in mind. He would then shop around to find the right equipment and parts to put the system together and negotiate the best possible price. Finally, he would install the equipment and take the time to make sure that his clients knew how everything worked and how to properly use their new system.

Sound Decisions was never a full time job for Jeff. He worked in sales and inventory control for a few years before attending ITI (Information Technology Institute) with hopes of becoming a Web Developer.

In 2002, the Company Jeff worked for as a Web Developer lost their main contract and were forced to let all of their Developers go. They still had some existing contracts that needed to be tended to so Sound Decisions became a Web Development Company and was contracted to continue to work on them.

Although Jeff did move onto other Full Time Employment as a Web Developer, Sound Decisions was kept alive and actually grew when he had the idea of bringing on other Developers that he has worked with over the years to help out. Together they have formed a Team of Developers that work in different combinations on various interesting projects. Primarily working at night and on weekends, the Team of Developers take on contracts to work on websites and web applications for pretty much anyone who wants one, regardless of scope or budget.