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A new Bright Innovations website launched showcasing the Dulbon Product Line.

Bright Innovations recently added a line of products by Dulbon to their already impressive line of products from Europe that they represent here in Canada.

They required a website be developed and launched online for an upcoming show so they can showcase the various products from Dulbon that they will be dealing with.

Bright Innovations (Dulbon) Website

Bright Innovations has enlisted the services of Sound Decisions to redesign and update their current website and create them a brand new website.

Due to expanding their current line of products, Bright Innovations requires a brand new website to showcase their product lines and the Supplier Companies. The site is also used as a sales tool during meetings to show product information as well as previous projects.

Bright Innovations Website

Current Bright ltd. Website (Being Redesigned)

The Super Bowl was AMAZING - except for the actual game.

Had a great weekend. A friend was visiting from Toronto and we really experienced Halifax. Made the easy decision to watch the game at Bubba Ray's and got there early and got the seats we wanted. Had a great time despite the game itself. The Denver Broncos didn't actually show up for the game.

Super Bowl not on a Sunday? Say It Isn't So.

Everything was working out great. The 2 Teams I wanted in the Super Bowl made it. My Buddy is flying down for the game. Now they a making a Plan B where the game could be played anywhere from Friday to Monday. It just won't be the same.

Here's hoping that tradition prevails.

The Sound Decisions Website Has Been Updated.

A whole new version of the Sound Decisions website has replaced the old one.

We wanted to use some new Technologies and went with Responsive Design so our site will work on all devices.

We're not done with the changes and will be making more as well as adding more content, sites and features to the site as we development them.

The Perfect Super Bowl is going to happen.

Early in the Season my Buddy Brent and I thought about both of our Teams making it to the Super Bowl. It was a possibility but how often do things like that ever really work out.

As the Season progressed though, it was still a possibility. So much so that his wonderful Wife Keri, booked him a Flight from Toronto to Halifax (where I live) and a Hotel Room for Super Bowl Weekend.

The Playoffs start and things are still looking good. A few tense moments during the games which was great to watch. I have never been so into the AFC and NFC Championship Games. It was a GREAT SUNDAY of FOOTBALL.

Long story short (too late) both our Teams made it. I'm the Broncos fan and Brent is a Seahawks fan. This is going to be a great weekend.

The 2013/2014 NFL Season is starting soon. Have you created/joined a Pool yet?

The Sound Decisions NFL Football Pool Website allows you to create a new or join an existing pool free of charge. Just make your picks by Midnight (EST) on the Tuesday prior to the game.

We will update the scores and your pool standings for you.

Sound Decisions contracted to do some work for Nav Canada.

Nav Canada offers all kinds of training at their facility in Cornwall Ontario. Sending people to their location can be a very large expense so they have made the decision to move a lot of that training online in the form of eLearning Solutions. By making a lot of their training material available online, people only need to go the Training Center for certain Programs.

To help them speed up the process of getting their eLearning Solutions completed and available online they have contracted the services of Sound Decisions.