Welcome to the 'Sound Decisions - NFL Pool'
I have always enjoyed Football Season more when I take part in a pool.
That usually meant getting a book of weekly picks that I had to fill out and hand in by a specified time each week. This wasn't always all that convenient.
To make life easier I created this site.
Here you can create your own pool and get your friends to join it by giving them the 'pool name' and 'password', or join an existing pool that someone has given you the 'pool name' and 'password' for.
All you have to do is sign up, create or join a pool and make sure your picks are done on time. Picks must be completed no later than Midnight (EST) the Tuesday before the game. (ie.  Picks for Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday Night games must be completed before the end of Tuesday, or if you prefer, Wednesday is too late to make the weeks picks.)   Then just check back to see your pool standings.
  • All games have been entered.
  • Scores and pools are updated each week.
  • Just make sure your weekly picks are done.
  • Create your own pool or join an existing pool.
  • Create and/or join multiple pools.
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