The Online Resume of Jeff Cummings





MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle


Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, IIS, MAMP, XAMPP, Sublime Text 2, NetBeans, Aptana Studio 3, Joomla


AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Responsive Design, CodeIgniter, MVC, ADO.NET

Operating Systems:

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/7, Mac OS X

Some Experience With:

VB.NET, Flash, Ruby on Rails, Linux, LAMP, Shell Scripting, WordPress, JSON, Google Analytics and APIs, Facebook API, GIT, Bitbucket, SVN, PayPal Integration, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, XCode, Stored Procedures

Work History


Owner/Lead Developer

Sound Decisions Inc.

  • Updating an existing website as well as creating a new website for a small Atlantic Company that sells and installs various high-end Bar, Bakery, Grocery, Butcher and Specialty Shop Furniture, Equipment and Accessories imported from various companies in Europe. Although the website is customer friendly it will mainly be used as a Sales Tool while meeting with clients to show various product lines and previous projects.
  • Developing a Web Application for a Start Up Company that will be providing transportation services between specific destinations on a regular schedule. The Web Application will handle managing the whole business from allowing customers to book transportation including the ability to make payment, drivers to viewe and manage their schedules and the business managers to handle the day to day business of the Company. Responsive design is being used to ensure that the application will work on all devices
  • Worked on various proof of concepts and prototype Websites and Web Applications for Companies of all sizes.
  • Created a prototype job search website for a start-up company to help secure Private Investment as well as Government Funding to produce the actual website within a two year time frame.
  • Successfully developed many of my own websites to maintain and improve my skills as well as to fill some need. I have launched websites that help manage a DVD Movie Collection, an NFL Football Pool, a UFC Pool, a Weight Loss Pool and Website Links including Usernames and Passwords.
  • Designed a website for a Curling Club on a shoe-string budget ensuring that the main objectives and needs were met with the initial launch with future plans to add more functionality as funds became available.
  • Developed a continuing education website for a major pharmaceutical company that allows pharmacists to learn more about topics such as Hypertension and Heart Failure (12 modules/topics in total). Special Features include a multiple choice test where, upon successful completion, a certificate can be printed and an evaluation form can be submitted to help judge the effectiveness of the program.
  • Coordinate workflow between clients and sub-contractors to ensure timely completion and delivery of various projects.

Technologies Used:

ASP, ASP.NET, ADO.NET C#, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, Access, XAMPP, Joomla, WordPress, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Responsive Desig, CodeIgniter


Lead Developer

Electric Playground Media Inc.

  • Took over the development of a Web Interface for an Industry Leading Storage Management Software which allows customers to manage their Storage Unit Rentals, Reservations and Bill Payments Online. Originally created for a single client with more than 10 separate locations, my main challenge was to create a universal solution by making everything fully configurable so various settings, data and functionality can be either turned on/off or set accordingly per business and/or per location.
  • Developed and updated websites for various clients primarily using Joomla. To add functionality I researched, tested, installed, configured and customized Joomla Components, Modules and Plugins.
  • Dealt with Clients on a daily basis to investigate, discuss and coordinate any potential issues, maintenance and site updates.

Technologies Used:

PHP, MySQL, MAMP, XAMPP, Joomla, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, XCode, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, PayPal


eLearning Developer

NAV Canada

  • Converted paper based information and tutorials into fully interactive web-enabled e-learning modules that can be accessed by Nav Canada employee's with proper access through their main website.

Technologies Used:

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery


Senior Web Developer

Atwood Technology Inc.

  • As the senior web developer I was responsible for the conceptualization, creation, testing and maintenance of all our company’s websites. I successfully brought online four websites complete with administration and customer/client/employee log in systems created using PHP, AJAX, jQuery and MySQL.
  • Working as the sole developer, I successfully created and launched a highly functional online dating/social media website with messaging, security, various membership levels, PayPal payment integration and enhanced searching capabilities using Semantic Web technology.
  • Learned Ruby on Rails in a very short time frame to help an existing development team complete a web application that allows others to create eir own online dating site choosing between several different templates and sharing the existing member pool.

Technologies Used:

PHP, MySQL, LAMP, XAMPP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, GIT, PayPal


Senior Web Developer

M5 Interactive Inc.

  • Developed an interactive website for an organization that maintains a series of walkways in Newfoundland. Some of the highlights of the site include the ability for members to map their own walk routes (using Virtual Earth), keep track of any walks they take and optionally calculate and store Calories Burned and Green House Gas Reduction and an Online Store that used PayPal for payment processing. The site was setup so that the content for many pages could be edited by the website administrator at any time using the Admin Section of the website.
  • Developed a Traffic Alert System allowing Bridge workers to inform subscribers of any traffic issues and resolutions by text message and email. A third-party company (iContact) was used to send the alerts as they could number in the thousands.
  • Created a Franchisee Website for a fast food restaurant chain to provide a central location for all franchisee owners to communicate with each other and the head office and to obtain and share important information.
  • Performed maintenance, updates and added new functionality to several websites created using various technologies.

Technologies Used:

ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, MAMP, XAMPP, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PayPal


Telecommunications Technician

Apex Connections Inc.

  • Installed, commissioned, tested, troubleshot and removed cellular and microwave equipment.
  • Designed, developed and maintained the company website.

Technologies Used:



Intermediate Software Developer

Obvious Solutions Inc.

  • Brought into this start-up internet application company to supervise three junior developers and complete a prototype application to electronically transmit documents without the initial cost of EDI. The prototype was used to secure financing to build the production version of the software later named Abrica.
  • Worked within a team of senior and intermediate developers to build the production version of Abrica which converts printed documents to PDF files then uses XML to store extracted, formatted information that can be used by the recipient as required. Visual Basic was used to create COM+ components that work with third party components that were purchased to perform specific tasks and HTA was used as the front end. The components and front end were later converted to VB.Net.
  • Successfully developed a secure email application that plugged seamlessly into Outlook called Dabra which allows users to send email and attachments that can only be opened by the intended recipient. The encryption and authentication method that we created was later patented.

Technologies Used:



Internet/Intranet Developer

Sabre Services Inc.

  • Developed a central repository system to store commonly used documents, reports and other files in either an Oracle Database or in a directory structure. These files can be accessed with different levels of security using any web browser by staff located on and off site. To enhance performance, compression and FTP were implemented.
  • Constructed a web enabled 3rd party data reporting application for a Fortune 500 food manufacturing company using ASP, COM components, and an Oracle Database. This application is used to analyze the distribution of products through other companies. As part of a development team, I was responsible for creating the user interface used to create and display profiles, editors and reports.
  • Developed an e-commerce Die Tracking Application for a Tool and Die Company using ASP, an Access Database and Crystal Reports. The programs purpose is to track die details at all stages of order processing including submitting, receiving, completing and shipping. As the sole developer, I was responsible for all phases of the project.
  • Created a Page Reporting System for a Hospital using ASP, a SQL Server, CDONTS and Crystal Reports. The system allows switchboard operators to quickly display a Doctor’s information, send Email, Page or Fax messages to them, and Email or Fax reports containing details on their paging activity. Being the only developer on this project, I was responsible for creating the entire application and deploying it within the Hospitals IT environment.

Technologies Used:

ASP, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, DHTML, Crystal Reports, COM



Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Information Technology (AIT)

ITI - Information Technology Institute (Graduated with Distinction)


Architectural Technologist Diploma (3 Year CO-OP Program)

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology