Bright Innovations

Bright Innovations came to us to redesign their current website that showcases the product lines of a couple of European Comapnies they represent and to design them a brand new company website.

They recently became the exclusive representative of another European Company and needed a website to be developed and published online in a very short period of time. That website has become the first version of their new company website.

We will be adding the product lines from the other Companies they represent one Company at a time over the next few months.

When the client is ready to redesign their current website, we will tackle that one as well.

These are the type of projects we just love here at Sound Decisions. The ones that are rather organic at how they come together and grow over no set timeframe. When our client is ready to work on a new section of the website, we work together to get it designed, developed, reviewed, approved and published LIVE.

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